A fresh vision
for living spaces

  • Dining Room Inspirations

    Whatever your needs we can create stylish dining areas. Whether you use the space for special occasions only or its multi-functional we can design the perfect […]
  • Bedroom Inspirations

    Wake up in the bedroom you’ve always wanted. We can help you choose the colour scheme of your dreams, whether soothing shades or new trends in […]
  • Kitchen Inspirations

    We can create the perfect kitchen to suit your style, needs and budget. And revamping an old kitchen with fresh colours and beautiful designs is a […]
  • Living Room Inspirations

    The place we all go to relax, a living room is the comfy space of the house. Whether it’s an open-plan family space, snug or den, […]
  • Hallway Inspirations

    More than just the corridor to the rooms in your house, your hallway is the first impression. From modern to traditional and from country living to […]
  • Bathroom Inspirations

    We believe that bathrooms can be beautiful while being functional. And while neutral colours continue to dominate, colour is returning. From small bathrooms to wet rooms […]
  • Outside Decorating Inspirations

    Let us do the hard work. Painting the outside of your home is best left to experts like us. From pleasing neutrals to cool blues and […]